Fen Ditton Primary School

What we need from you

So that your child can play an active role within our school community, we ask parents to sign up to our Home-School Agreement which can be found HERE.


We also ask that you support your child to observe the following:


Good attendance

Every day counts and at Fen Ditton Primary we aim to make every day a rewarding and enriching experience.  High attendance is actively encouraged at Fen Ditton and each week the class with the highest overall attendance receives a trophy for the week. Pupils are awarded certificates for 100% attendance at the end of each term.



Holidays in the holidays

Absence should be kept to an absolute minimum and the school strongly urges families to take holidays out of term time. Parents do not have a right or entitlement to take children out for holidays.  The Headteacher has the discretion, within the criteria set by the Governing Body, to grant authorisation in exceptional circumstances, e.g. a death in the family.

If your child is going to be absent from school for a holiday, you must fill in a holiday form obtained from the school office, and send it in with an accompanying letter explaining how you think the request meets the exceptional circumstances.



School Uniform

The school has a simple 'Dress Code' which we expect pupils to follow -  click HERE for a copy


The PTFA runs second-hand uniform sales in the playground around twice a term.


A complete uniform, plus shower mack and fleece, all with printed school logos, as well as other accessories such as house Tshirts, book bags etc., can be purchased online using the following link:


Mapac school clothing


For safety reasons jewellery should not be worn, except watches, and children with pierced ears should only wear small studs.









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Headteacher: Mr Mark Askew
Fen Ditton Primary School, Horningsea Road,

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