Fen Ditton Primary School

Year 3/4

OZ Class

What Oz have been up to this half term:

It has been a great half term of learning in Oz and the children have so much to be proud of! In English, we have read ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ and produced some excellent writing including a letter and a narrative piece. In maths, we have mastered a range of strategies for addition and subtraction and we are now becoming experts in multiplication and division. Make sure you keep practicing those times tables!

Children have enjoyed their hockey lessons in PE and it was great to see how well they transferred the skills we were working on last half term in Mat-ball to a new sport. We are getting much better at finding space and marking other players effectively. In DT, we have been looking at levers and creating some amazing moving Christmas cards and we have started to learn the recorder in our music lessons. It has been great to welcome Mrs Carmell this half term who has been teaching us some French every fortnight too! In science, we enjoyed learning about electrical circuits and building our own circuits using the equipment. We also learnt about solids, liquids and gases and got very messy making Oobleck! In history, we learnt all about the Romans and the Anglo Saxons and in geography, we learnt about mountains and studied the effects of climate change. Miss Parker and Mrs Hearns are very proud of Oz class and we can’t wait to see what else they can achieve after Christmas!

What our children say:

Eric: "I have liked music because it was very fun when we played: BAG, BAG, GGGG, AAAA, BAG. I have also liked all of maths because although I find it easy, I can find some of the challenges tricky. "

 Sandra:" I really enjoyed this half term especially P.E because it has been fun playing hockey hoovers and Harry Potter sticks. I also enjoyed electricity although I did find it hard. "


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