Fen Ditton Primary School


For the academic year 2021 2022, our six classes are organised as follows:

Neverland Class- Reception and Year 1
Whoville Class - Year 1 and Year 2
Wonderland Class - Year 2 and Year 3
Oz Class - Year 3 and Year 4
Narnia Class - Year 4 and Year 5
Rivendell Class - Year 5 and Year 6

Basic Principals behind our curriculum  

At Fen Ditton primary school, we endeavour to provide all our children with a stimulating and diverse curriculum, which ignites curiosity and enables them to master skills and acquire knowledge, which equips them to be successful global citizens.  

We have considered research and strategies regarding improving long term memory, to shape and deliver our curriculum.  

  • Learning is a change to long-term memory. 
  • Cognitive science tells us that working memory is limited and that cognitive load is too high if students are rushed through content. This limits the acquisition of long term memory. Cognitive science also tells us that in order for student to become creative thinkers, or have greater depth of understanding they must first master the basics, which takes time.  
  • Our aims are to ensure that our students experience a wide breadth of study and by the end of each key stage, long-term memory of an ambitious body of procedural and semantic knowledge. Procedural knowledge is the knowledge needed to complete a specific skill or task and semantic knowledge is the general world knowledge we have accumulated during our lives and is in our long term memory store.  

Click here to view our New Curriculum Statement

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Headteacher: Mr Mark Askew
Fen Ditton Primary School, Horningsea Road,

Fen Ditton, Cambridge, CB5 8SZ

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Email: office@fendittonprimary.org