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Mental Maths

Improve your brain power with these Mental Maths games and activities.
timenmaths quiz wordprobmenmathwoodlands mathmasters
freeteacher keyedin topmarks wpevenstopmarks
bootcamp mentalmachineambleweb menartith quizfactor
amblewebmentalmathsgameshow mathplayground bbcks2 bbcks2a

Measures - Weights, Length, Capacity, Volume

Challenge yourself with these games and activities to help you improve your skills and knowledge of measurements, balance, weight, length, distance, volume, capacity, conversions and more...
mesuringtopmarks measures5-7topmarks balanceks1mathville lngthwght1bitesize
measuretks1countusin scalesks1crickweb balancebbpeep weightmeasstarshipks1
measuresbgfl animalweighin mostlypostie inches
scalesreader measureswmnet skillswisemeasuring nussruler
mathfrog measures7-11topmarks mfmetmeas mfmetmeas2
moneyweights measuresbbc nusscapacity funbrainmeasure
nussvolume pbsvolumecap measuresks2bitesize woodlands
skillswisecapacity skillswisecapacity2 skillswiselandd skillswisem
convertmeasures skillswiseshapesperimetc skillswiseweight skillswiseweight2
volumework weightbgfl


Practice and extend your skills learning about Angles    
anglesbbclearn anglesambleside anglesmathsfun anglebbcskills
anglesfruit anglesfactmonster anglesbbcschools angleshq
anglesinn anglesmathplayground anglesbbcbitesizeks2 anglesnuss
anglesnuss1 anglesoswego anglespbs anglespbsplanetary
anglessports estimateangles guessanglepr ks3angles

Symmetry, Rotation, Reflection, Transformation

symtopmarks  shapesymbbc  symartist  symfuelbrain
symsoftschools  symmetryhael  symreflection   symsort
 symmetryks2bbc  symmetrygames  symlines rotsym 
univcamb   symmetryks3bitesize reflect 


Rotation, Reflection, Translation and Transformation
rotatebbc rotationprimary rotatemaths rotation
rotationnrich  sheptrans robopacker  transquiz 
 transrotreflect transmographer   transharcourt  transks3

Area and Perimeter

Everything you wanted to know about working out the Area and Perimeter of shapes and objects
apbgfl apmathzone apalb albirr
apalb2 apmathplayground apmathplayground1 apfun
nusszoo areasestimate perimbots perimeterpbs
areaint perimeterint shapeint ks3bitesize

Headteacher: Mr Mark Askew
Fen Ditton Primary School, Horningsea Road,

Fen Ditton, Cambridge, CB5 8SZ

01223 292342

Email: office@fenditton.cambs.sch.uk