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Alphabet Action

Alphabet Action
(more links available in the Early Years Literacy section)
 ks1bitesizealpha abcorder  alphabetrecognising   alphabetformation
 alphabetzoo  abcdwatermelon pbskids  abcgame signthealphabet 

Phonics and Phonemes

Phonics and Phonemes
These resources are to help you practice and improve your skills.
a-esound   aisound aysound  easound 
 eesound  iesound  oosound oasound 
 ysound  ighsound  uesounds  shortvowelsounds
 shortvowelspg  soundsgames  soundbuttons soundbuttons3 
 soundsea  soundmatch longvowelsounds  longvowelsounds2 
longvowelaio   longasound  longasound2 longesound 
longisound   longosound longusound   yr1longvowelwords
 yr1longvowelsoundsaio  yr1longvowelsoundsue  yr1longvowelsounds yr1shortvowelsounds 
beginningsounds   initialsounds firstsounds  firstsounds1 
 initiallettermatch  initialsoundsphonics  initialsounds1 initialsounds2 
 initialsounds3  initialsoundslions  phonicsnamegame wordendings 
 phonicsendings  phonicsendings2 phonicsendings3  endsounds1 
 blendingbowl  blendingdragon  blends blends2 
 blendswordwheel  chunking  consonantclusters ladybirdlander 
 phonemeblender  picturematch  shchth wordblendsbbc 
 digraphs  wordmagnetsa wordmagnets  wordmagnetsshorti 
 wordmagnetsu  wordmagnetsshortusound  wordmagnetsshorte wordmagnetsshorto 
 yr3-4voweldiagraphsoo  yr3-4voweldiagraphsoo2 yr3-4vowelsounds  yr3-4vowelsounds2 
 yr3-4vowelssentence  yr3-4longilonge yr5-6schwasound  phonicsplay 
 bbcbitesize  phonicsfeltboard  phonicsfrog yr2phonics 
 phonicspractice  phonicssoundoff  starfallphonics tellatrex 
 phonemepop phonemes spelllings   sillysentences  bpdconfusion
 starfallmakewords starfallmakewordsat  starfallmakewordsen  starfallmakewordset 
 starfallmakewordsig  starfallmakewordsip starfallmakewordsog  starfallmakewordsot 
 starfallmakewordsug  speedread   phonograms 



Punctuation: the marks (such as full-stops and commas) in a piece of writing that make its meaning clear and that separate it into sentences, clauses etc.

Do you Know how to punctuate your writing? These links will help you learn and remember the rules to correctly punctuate your work.

capitallettersgame caplets5-7 capitalisationpunctuation capletters
fullstopsentences capitalletters alienpunctation questionmarksks1
 sentencedetective  capitalletters1  apostrophesquiz  apostrophesquiz2
 punctuationfling apostest  apostesttime  apostrophes 
 capitalisationpunctuation3  capitalisationpunctuation4 capitalisationpunctuation5  skillswisepunctuation 
quotationtest  speechmarks2   speechmarks typesofsentence 
 commachameleon commastest   contactions tespunctuatetext 
punctuation  bracketstest   spagtests  

Spelling Practice


Spelling Practice
piratespelling yr1cvcwords cvcwordsict cvcwords
fuzzylionears highfrequencywords level1 level2
pintailondonkey billybear billybear2 speak spell britcouncil
wordendingsspell wordmaker wordmakercvc shortvowelspg
level3 level4 level5 level6
shchth see-n-spell spellaroo spellcheck
fbspellings spellmatch spellingsesl spellquiz
spellits2 dositey alphabot fishing
spellingpatterns ks2bitesizespelling past-tense-spellings bbcspelling
spellits bbcspellingchallenge quia  hemscott 
ks1spellingresources yr3spellingresources    



Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. more...
                 For example: The tall professor. or 
The lugubrious lieutenant.
These links will help you practice and develop your skills when using adjectives in your writing.

adjectiveadventure   adj prepositions antonymadjectives  writeapoem 
 adjectivedetective britishcounciladjectives   compartiveadjectives verbsandmore
 pickitadjectives savekingdom  skillswiseadjectives  superlatives 
 adjectives adverbs quiz
 adjectives adverbs quiz
rade 3
adjectives adverbs quiz
Grade 4 
 adjectives adverbs quiz
Grade 5

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