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Ordering Numbers (EY)


A selection of activities to help your child learn how to order numbers.

Early Years Numeracy

These interactive games and activity links are aimed at developing skills and experience of numeracy concepts for Early Years and lower Key Stage 1 children.
Counting Activities
counting5-7topmarks countingcarsictgames countingchickenslearningplanet countingictgames
countingks1wmnet countingon learningplanet countingtopmarks countks1mathville
countobjectscountusin eycountjayzeebear eynncountinonesictgames kidsonbusks1countusin
maths-games-add  add sub5-7topmarks  bbclitanimalsaddsubks1 additionictgames 
Money     Colour by Number
money5-7topmarks moneybgflks1  moneyictgames2 coloursks1countusin 
Multiplication, Divison, Doubling and Rounding    
 multiplicationroundingictgames  multiplydiv5-7topmarks  doublingictgames  divisionks1bitesize
Ordering/Sequencing Problem Solving   Symmetry
orderingtopmarks ordering5-7topmarks  probsolving5-7topmarks  symmetrytopmarks
Shapes and Measures, including Telling the Time (Topmarks Measures link)
 shapes1ks1mathville  shapes5-7topmarks  shapesavens  shapeshalvesks1countusin
 shapesjayzeebear  shapesks1mathville  shapeslearningplanet  shapesmeasuresictgames
 shapespaulplayhouse  shapestorecbeebies  shapetopmarks  weightmeasstarshipks1
 balancebbpeep  measures5-7topmarks measuretks1countusin  mesuringtopmarks 
Data Handling (including graphs, pictograms, sharing, sorting, grouping)
 basicgraphmrnussbaum  dhks1mathville  graphhbschool  pictoks1mathville
 sharing frac div counusin  sortgrouppeep  sortgrouptopmarks  sortingks1countusin
sort pbskids 
  Place Value/Odd and Even
 placevaloddeven5-7topmarks  placevalueictgames

Early Years

These pages contain lots of links to websites that will help children develop letter, word and number skills.

There are games, downloads and activities for children to enjoy while learning their letters, early words, colours, months, days and much more.

These activities will also ensure children develop their confidence and skills using computers or digital equipment. 

Early Years Literacy

Letters, Sounds and Words
abcdwatermelon pbskids
 Do you know your Alphabet?
Practice the Alphabet
matching pictures with initial sounds
Initial Letter Sounds
alphabetical wack-a-mole
Alphabetical Order
alphabet action
Alphabet Action
abc order learning planet
ABC Order
Collect the Letters
Find the Letters in Order
 nashsadventures alphabeticalorderbbc
Collect Grandma's Party List
Initial Sounds Game
 matchingupper and lowercaseletters
Matching Upper and
Lower Case Letters
letters learning planet
Learning Letters 
dreamer activities
Alphabet Animals 
 upper lower case letters mem game
Memory Game
Upper and Lower Case Letters
Fish for your Letters
 alphabetzoo primarygames
Sort the Animals into
Alphabetical Order
alphabeticalorder playkids
Learn your Letters Game 
Alphabet Tunnel Blaster
Catch the Snowflakes
in Alphabetical Order 
Blast the Flying Letters
Feed the Frog the Letters 
Phonics and Phonemes    
 chicken stacker phonics cvc
Letter Sounds
Letter and Sound Matching 
phonics primary games 
Phoneme Poems
letters phonics starfall
Letter Sounds & Signs 
Deep Sea Phonics 
 monkeymatchbeginningsounds pbskids
Beginning Sounds Rhymes
Phonic Endings Level 1 
Phonic Endings Level 2
Phonic Endings Level 3
phonics soundsea
Phonic/Phoneme Sounds 
phonics initialsounds
Initial Sounds Game 
Words and Sentences    
alphabetsoup pbskids
CVC Words 
 pounce reading pbskids
Pounce on the Words
that match the sounds
Word Play
 wordgames bbclittleanimals
Blending Sounds
 collectingwords bbcstarship
Collect the Words
 put it on the shelf
Match the objects 
to the Words
 initialletters scholastic
Phonics Fun for
Early Readers
Words & Pictures
 wordjumbler bbcstarship
Word Jumbler
pasttense and verbs starshipbbc 
Hear Sentences
spun in Space
Replace Word in Red with
similar meaning word 
full stops magickey bbcks1
Full Stops 
 capital letters bbcmagickey
Capital Letters
in sentences
Blending Sound to
Make Words
Building Sentences
opposites pbskids 1
Opposite Meaning Words 
 questions bbcmagickey
Identifying Questions?
 spelling puppyletters pbs
Early Spelling
 patterns rhymes poems bbcmagickey
Rhyming Word Game
Spelling (HangMan)
Walk the Plank Game
 word sounds bbcmagickey
Sound Words
Making words
 describingwords bbcmagickey
Listen and click on the
correct word
 describingwords bbcmagickey
Early Reading
Learning Colours
colours learninggame
Listen and Identify
the colour
colours blooples
Learn your Colours
colours bud
What Colour is Bud?
colours shapes
Colours and Shapes
Colour Game
Colour Matching Game
colours learntospell
Identify and Spell
Colour Words
colours putontheshelf
Colours and Words
Drag and Drop the
Colours to the Words
Learn Colours
colours feed fribbit
Feed Fribbit with the
correctly coloured bugs
Learning Days of the Week 
Days Matching Game
Days of the Week Quiz

months of year britishcouncil
Days and Weeks 
Months-hear them sing!
Books, Stories, Characters and Memory Games    
Dr Seuss
 aesopfables penguin
Aesops Fables
Amazing Adventures
Beatrix Potter 
Fairytale Land 
readstory littleanimalsbbc
Little Animals Stories 
Storybooks Online
Digital Story Library
stories britishcouncil
British Council Stories 
 stories merpy
Merpy Stories
Matching Game
    story-time  speakaboos

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