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Christianity is probably the world's largest religion being practiced by around 2.2 billion individuals worldwide. These links which contain videos, downloads, presentations, information and interactive activities will help you discover the history, beliefs, celebrations and customs followed by the people of this faith.
 christianity atschooleduweb
Christianity for Children
What is Christianity All About?
Basics of Christian History
christianity bbcschools 
Christianity (BBC Schools)
Eight Part History of the Christian Faith from C4

christianity customslibrary
Christianity Customs and Beliefs for Children

christianity primaryresources
Christianity Teaching Resources
 christianity teachingideas
Christianity Teaching Resources
Christianity Powerpoint great introductory teaching resource
 christianity uri
United Religions Initiative Christianity
 christianity woodlands
Christianity topics from Woodlands Junior School
chris resources fsy 
Christianity Resources for teaching and learning
Early History Powerpoint for Christianity
Christianity from the Beginning Powerpoint
The Rise of Christianity Powerpoint
Fun Bible Facts for Kids 
 Christianity explained
Christianity (BBC) 
How to raise Christian Children 
Lessons and Sermons on Christianity
Stories from the Old and New Testaments
Christmas Story and More
Christmas Around the World
Christianity Games and Activities
Bible Stories and Books
New Testament Powerpoints
Old Testament Powerpoints
bible gamesactivities
Bible Games and Activities


Judaism is one of the oldest of the World Religions, these links, which contain videos, downloads, presentations, information and interactive activities will help you discover the history, beliefs, celebrations and customs followed by the people of this faith.
judaismvideo learningzonebbc
5 minute video showing Jewish family life
judaism primaryresources
Judaism lesson resources and information 
 judaism topicbox resources
A wealth of resources for teaching Judaism
Judaism teaching resources from every school
judaism slideshare.net the-judaism-ppt
Judaism Presentation by SP, MKCJ
 judaism slideshare.nethuonglam
Judaism Presentation by Huong Lam
 judaism slideshare.net rabinowitz
Judaism Presentation by Alex Glowacky
 judaism bbc
Judaism (BBC)
Judaism themed classroom resources 
 judaism woodlands
(Woodlands Junior School)
 judaism bbc schools
Judaism (BBC Schools)
judaism wikihow
How to explain Judaism to a christian child  

judaism wiki
Judaism (Wikipedia)

Liberal Judaism

  judaism atschooleduweb
Judaism by Carol Rainbow
Reform Judaism
  judaism 101
An online encyclopedia
of Judaism
Judaism Pages for Kids
judaism uri.org
United Religions Initiative
 judaism religion facts
Judaism - The Facts

Circle Time, PSHE, Citizenship

These educational sites have been sourced with a view to helping teaching staff, parents and children with lesson ideas, information, games and activities covering many aspects covered during circle time, citizenship and PSHE sessions and links also incorporate some health and safety topics.
British Life, culture and customs
antibullyingnet circletime
Cirle Time Topics from the
Anti-Bullying Network
Britkid - Race, racism and life
Advice and support on bullying
Christian Aid interactive activities as a world citizen
pshe primarygames
PSHE/Circletime resources and ideas
Circletime information and teaching resources
Circletime information from CBBC Newsround
circletime pshe tts
Circletime planning and activities
Citizen Power - Protect yourself, know your rights
Citizenship Foundation
Support and advice for children and parents
citizenship 20ideas
Ideas for teaching Citizenship to children
citizenship timefor
Time for Citizenship
citizenship tvoparents
What is citizenship?
Help for parents and children.
Award winning interactive resource to practice life skills
Take a panoramic view of the houses of parliament
Getting along with each other
Incentive Plus Free Catalogue of resources
Information and activities to help children develop life skills
 pshe 4learning
PSHE Resources

 pshe crickweb
PSHE Resources from Crickweb
 pshe devrelationships teachideas
Teaching Ideas Resources
Developing Relationships
 pshe everyschool
PSHE Resources and Games
 pshe pic
Circletime/PSHE ideas for Games and Activities
Road safety information and games for young cyclists
Healthy Heart information on staying fit - volunteering and more
Fire History and Safety Games
Firework Safety Information and Games
All about Healthy Teeth
Information and Games on Electricity and how to use it safely!
Boots Learning Store

World Religions

Religion is one of the most interesting parts of the human experience. The earliest religions were born from our own curiosity and creative thinking. Later more complex religions developed in the four ancient civilizations.  https://sites.google.com/site/worldreligionsforkids/ 

The major modern world religions you will be able to research through these links have developed from earlier belief systems and have changed over time.

These pages are intended to aid teachers, for lesson planning, and to give parents and children the opportunity to conduct their own research and thus draw their own conclusions by discovering the beliefs and traditions observed by the many different and often complex religions that the citizens of our world follow.

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